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Call It What You Want

Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

That quote, or a similar sentiment, is something I've heard my whole life. I understand the premise, I know how to apply it. Heck, I've probably given it as advice to someone else! But last week, it just hit me a little different.

I was scrolling Instagram and stopped to watch a Reel by Cameron Hanes. If you don't know anything about Hanes, I'll share the little bit I do know (for more info, check out his socials, or just ask Bailey). He's a famous bow hunter who worked a regular 9-5 job even after becoming a best-selling author with over 1M followers and numerous sponsorships because (apparently) he felt a sense of loyalty to the employer who allowed him to stay employed and pay his bills while he chased his dreams. I'm sure the Reel revolved around a workout or a clip from an upcoming podcast, but I remember thinking, "Damn, he's just a beast." And then the inevitable "I want that" popped in my head. My next thought, "He does it every. damn. day."

I keep scrolling, and my friend/trainer/mentor Kelly pops up. Kelly is also a complete bad ass. Do you know what she does? She shows up; every. damn. day.

So, friends, what conclusion did I come to? You guessed it. Excellence is a habit.

I've been here before... I catch the fire, start rolling, then bam fire is out. But something feels different this time. It was like my brain said, "Look what can happen if you just commit to doing it every. damn. day." Just show up. Don't quit on yourself.

Call it Core Four, non-negotiables, habits, rituals. routines. Call it what you want, but those things you do every damn day truly do determine your future. Label it however makes you feel best, but the idea remains the same. What things are you doing every day to get you one step closer to where you want to be one day?

Personally, I've combined a few of the above mentioned principles. Using the Core Four method*, I write out one or two things I will accomplish for my mind, body, business and relationship every day. The to-dos for mind and body are basically consistent (Mind = Babbel + read; Body = yoga + Scooter sets), but it may differ for business and relationships. The things I write down are my non-negotiables for the day.

These to-dos have helped create new habits and routines, though. For example, I do my Scooter Sets and yoga right before bed. It's a bit of a wind-down routine.

The habits I already have, like working out three days a week, consuming enough protein + water, brushing my teeth, had to be built at some point. So, eventually, these Core Four things will be habits, and I can focus on adding in little things that will be one step closer to whatever is next.

Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect. There are days that I choose an extra 15 minutes of sleep over yoga when we get home from roping at 10 p.m. (cause sleep is vital). There are days when my body says, "No, thank you." and we rest. And that's OK. It's not a perfectionism contest.

It is, however, a contest of holding yourself accountable. Because if you can consistently keep the commitments you make to yourself, you teach yourself that you are reliable. And just like a friend who is reliable, you start to trust yourself more. And when you trust yourself more, your confidence grows. And when your confidence grows, you find yourself in the mindset to crush those goals.

Maybe this is the catalyst for you. Sometimes we just need to hear things one more time, in just a slightly different way, for it to click and our lives to start changing.

As you charge ahead, just remember... you are wildly capable. I believe in you, and you should believe in you, too.

*For more on Core Four, check out Sean Whalen's book "How to make Sh*t Happen"

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