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If All Horses Go To Heavan

When my dad called me to let me know Piglet had gone to greener pastures, I cried like a baby. That bay mare was the first registered horse my dad ever owned. She carried him more miles than I can even imagine. She is the source of some pretty funny stories and proud moments while they gathered cows in the hills. She babysat me during team pennings then worked like a champ for him.

Then, bad luck hit, and I needed a rodeo horse. She didn't back down from a challenge. She went from cow horse to barrel horse and pole champ in the blink of an eye. She was tougher than nails and could stand up anywhere we went.

She was the last of our youth rodeo legacy. My brother and I were so fortunate to be mounted on some incredible talent. It's fun to remanence on the opportunity to ride and learn from those seasoned winners. Each was different, each was special. Each taught us valuable lessons.

When Piglet left us, I was comforted by the though she was reunited with Cowboy, Bubba, Cisco and Trigger (my brother's rope horse). What a remuda we have waiting for us on the other side of forever.

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