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It's OK to not be OK.

Hey, friend.

Are you honest when people ask, "How are you?" Do you use words like exhausted, wonderful, drained, excited, overwhelmed, anxious? Or do you just say "I'm fine", "I'm OK", or "Yeah, I'm alright"?

When people who love you genuinely want to know, are you vulnerable enough to say "I'm not OK"?

It's hard for me, I'll be the first to admit. I'd rather listen to you than talk about me. But, sometimes, I need a shoulder. I need someone to let me unload, to help me not feel alone.

It's OK to not be OK. This world is crazy, friend. We're all fighting battles no one can see. But we don't have to fight alone.

I encourage you today to be honest with someone you trust. And, in turn, I hope you can be that someone for a loved one.

We need each other to thrive. Let's not forget it.

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