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P.S. This is for everyone.

I’d call it an extremely happy accident and impeccable timing. I knew an old friend, Jake, (who was actually my second boyfriend…) owned a cute boutique, but I didn’t know he had adorable baby gifts. Thankfully, he posted about a present he had delivered to a new mom as I was shopping for, like, four of my expectant friends. I quickly found a cart-full of stuff they needed and went to check out. But the “free shipping” wasn’t working (and I had added a t-shirt JUST to get that free shipping). So I sent him a quick message.

That quick message escalated almost overnight to a partnership. I had just started P.S. by Carrie and Jake’s a retail genius. I knew if I wanted to get up off the ground quickly, I could use some help. During our first call, we dove into some personal catching up before we talked business.

I guess this is where I tell you that Jake is gay. I knew that prior to this call, of course, but you, dear reader, probably don’t. As the personal and business discussions intertwined, I said, “So… I don’t know how to say this, but I want to do something to support the LGBTQ+ community.” His response still makes me feel good. He said, “You said it just right by starting with ‘I don’t know.’” I won’t rehash the rest of the conversation, but it was so nice to have an adult conversation about how I could move forward supporting this community.

I actually started this blog during #pridemonth. I wanted to make a post and introduce the “Love Is My Favorite Color” card. But it didn’t feel right… I haven’t always been an ally, and I know I hurt people I love because of it. I could blame it on a lot of things, but I definitely grew up with a narrow view of right and wrong. It took well into my college years to start to wonder if the box I lived in was my box or the box someone else had built and told me to stay in. Today, I’m convinced I know very little. I do know that I love Jesus. I do know that he commands us to love our neighbor. So, I choose to do just that. My straight neighbor. My gay neighbor. My black, brown, green, or yellow neighbor. God didn’t put any stipulations on it, so I won’t either.

Posting this is important to me, because there are many people whom I love dearly that are part of the LGBTQ+ community. I want to celebrate love. Because love ALWAYS deserves to be celebrated. I still don’t always know what to say or how to be a good ally, but you have to start somewhere. So consider this my starting block. My day one of no longer being a silent ally.

This doesn’t mean this isn’t a hard post for me to make. But you know what else is hard? Hard is not knowing whether or not someone has your back. Hard is losing family and friends because of who you are. I can’t imagine that kind of hard.

So today I am facing the hard part for me But, more than that, today I am choosing love.

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