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Thank God.

I keep a running list of blog ideas in my phone. And, since I haven’t blogged in a while, I pulled it out today to try and knock out a few of them.

There are some strange phrases on there that make me think, “Where did that come from?!” (Like… "What Coulda Been – song"… I have no idea.) But tonight, when I re-read “Thank God”, it struck a chord with me.

I imagine when I put it in the notes, I intended to write about how God kept me from so many things I thought I wanted. And He has (and continues to do so). But this week, it hits a little different.

It’s been a long week…. My very best friend had her heart broken, we got some terrible news about our 2yo colt, and I got stung by two wasps. I’ve had some serious conversations about the future with my husband and my baby brother. We are struggling to sell two of our personal horses. My heart is so, so heavy with all the worldly things (big empath, here).

So I was thinking about all these things Friday afternoon during one of my mini-walks. I wavered between sadness, anger, shock and emptiness (that’s a lot for a short walk, let me tell ya). Then I saw the biggest yellow butterfly floating down the driveway. The only time I’d seen a one quite like that was at a butterfly garden, never in the wild. But there it was, just floating in the summer sun. I watched it until I couldn’t anymore. Then there was a monarch to take its place. I smile as it drifted in the wind away from me.

Butterflies, for me, are a reminder from God that I am not alone (read more here). I held on to that promise as I wrapped up work Friday and tried to reconcile the events of the week while riding horses that evening. And, wouldn’t you know it, but there was quite the random rainbow to be seen while we loped around the arena.

What a God we serve to send love notes just for me. Thank you, God.

P.S. Eventually, I’ll write a thank you note to God for all the things He’s protected me from. But until then, this will do.

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