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Meet the real stars.

We are blessed to have some special horses in our barn.

Let me introduce them to you.

2023_RDBB_Sat_Open_141-160_KMiller-6814 (2).jpg

Meet Scooter.

The superstar.

After almost a year of trying to find the right fit, Scooter ran into my life. Let me tell you... This horse checked none of my "boxes", but he is everything I needed. This rodeo veteran is wicked quick and dirty fast. He's a fun one to send down the alley.

Registered name: RL Mighty Smart

Meet Frankie.

My best girl.

Frankie came into my life in 2018 and was the first superstar horse I owned in my "adult life." While she never won a 1D check, she helped me get my confidence and "feel" back. Unfortunately, she tore her meniscus, and we made the decision to retire her. She now lives here rent free. 

Registered name: Clabber Otra Vez


Bailey's real favorite girl.

Meet Carol.

Carol is a gift from God, I just didn't realize how much of a gift she was until we lost Arrow. We bought her sight unseen and without knowing her barn name. When Bailey finally asked what they called her and reported back, "Carol Baskin", I was worried! But, turns out, she's one of the best minded three-year-olds we've been around. She's currently in training with Tavis Walters and has shown her worth in the performance pen. Our goal is to continue to let her perform and flush her in 2024 in hopes of producing more great-minded, outstanding athletes.

Registered name: TI Cayenne Catygirl

Our littlest girl.

Meet Jovi Rae.

She is spunky. She is Little Miss Attitude. She is fun. 

Jovi Rae is Frankie's first foal and will be the first baby to carry our brand. By Famous Bugs, this little one sure has the attitude of a winner. She's had a rough first year, but her fighting spirit has carried her through. Look for her in the show pen in 2026ish. 

Registered name: HDJ Famously Frank

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